Greetings and welcome to Triple L Showpigs! 
Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to view
our site.  We are a small, family-owned operation,
currently farrowing around 40 sows.  Darren &
Laura have a true passion for breeding  high-quality
showpigs and breeding stock. We  have a deep
appreciation for the hard work, time  commitment
and efforts breeders put forth in creating  a strong,
successful business.  We have started  housing a
few select boars for collection - check out  our
"Sires" to see what we have in-house.

business than just the hogs. it's the people that make
all the difference.  We're truly blessed to have  so
many wonderful friends across the nation that share
our same passion!  We hope you will find your way
north to check us out.  We're only 10 miles north
of the IL border.

Find us on facebook for current updates!

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